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2 hours ago

Obama on Airstrikes: "This is Not America's Fight Alone"

33 minutes ago

“Only the Beginning”: Pentagon Vows More Attacks on ISIS

17 minutes ago

Bin Laden Son-in-Law Gets Life for Conspiring to Kill Americans

2 hours ago

Iranian President Calls U.S. Strikes in Syria Illegal

5 hours ago

U.S. Notified Assad’s Regime Before Airstrikes

5 hours ago

Israel Shoots Down Syrian Fighter Jet

Friday, Sep 19, 2014 at 6:12 PM

I disappointed myself. I disappointed the NFL. I disappointed our fans, our partners. We need to do better.  

— NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell during a press conference in which he promised to fix the way the football league deals with domestic abuse.
5 minutes ago

Three Dead in UPS Shooting: Alabama

18 minutes ago

Clothes Taken from Person of Interest's Apartment in Search for Missing UVa. Student

24 minutes ago

Miss America Admits She Was Booted From Sorority, Denies Hazing

6 hours ago

U.S. Bombs ISIS and Al Qaeda "Veterans" in Syria

The U.S. launched airstrikes against ISIS targets and a network of "seasoned al Qaeda veterans" in Syria known as the Khorasan group, who were plotting against Western interests, the Pentagon said early Tuesday, NBC News reported. Fighter jets and bombers launched 14 strikes in a significant escalation in the fight against ISIS, which President Barack Obama has pledged to “degrade and destroy.” The Pentagon also said the attacks targeted the Khorasan group's training camps, explosives production and command and control facilities. While the U.S. was alone in the operations targeting Khorasan, U.S. Central Command said five Arab partner nations - Jordan, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates – “participated in or supported” the broader overnight assault in Syria. Those attacks hit ISIS fighters, their training compounds, headquarters, command facilities, a finance center. Read »
5 hours ago

2 Suspects in Abduction of Israeli Teens Killed

5 hours ago

WHO: Ebola Death Rate 70 Percent, 20K Cases Expected

39 minutes ago

Skeletons Buried Holding Hands Found After 700 Years

2 hours ago

White House Fence-Jumper Had 800 Rounds of Ammo: Feds