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Clinton 'Misspoke' About Nancy Reagan and AIDS Advocacy

Clinton said Nancy Reagan started a "national conversation" during her time in the White House



    Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton speaks during a campaign event in Durham, N.C., Thursday, March 10, 2016. Clinton apologized for comments she made crediting Nancy Reagan for HIV/AIDS advocacy during her time in the White House.

    Hillary Clinton has apologized, saying she “misspoke” when she said Nancy Reagan used “low-key advocacy” for the HIV/AIDS epidemic during her time in the White House, NBC News reported.

    Clinton told NBC’s Andrea Mitchell Friday that the Reagans started “a national conversation” about the disease and that Nancy Reagan, whose funeral was held Friday in California, helped push the crisis into the public’s consciousness.

    Gay rights activists immediately questioned her following her comments. Human Rights Commission head Chad Griffin said she was “no hero” for victims of the disease that was notably ignored by the White House during Reagan’s presidency.

    Clinton tweeted an apology to her followers, saying she “misspoke” about the Reagans’ “record on HIV and AIDS.”