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Former 49er Loses, Recovers Super Bowl Ring at San Jose Airport

John Macaulay recovers lost ring.

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    A Super Bowl ring went missing -- and then was found -- at San Jose's airport.

    If assists were a football statistic, former 49er John Macaulay owes one -- a big one -- to the entire team at Mineta San Jose International Airport.

    A heavy ring was discovered in the bathroom at the airport's Terminal B by a Starbucks employee recently, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

    And not just any ring -- a Super Bowl ring, according to reports.

    The Starbucks employee turned in the ring to the Lost and Found department, which was able to identify its owner -- John Macaulay, a former offensive lineman who is now a doctor -- by his name engraved on the side, the newspaper reported.

    Macaulay earned the ring as a member of the 1984 Super Bowl team.

    Macaulay quickly realized his ring was lost -- and just as quickly, he  recovered it from the employees. He was in "awe" of the rapid turnaround, the newspaper reported.