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One of the Nation's Most Important Papers Goes Digital



    A screenshot of the Washington Post iPad app.

    Somewhere Bob Woodward is turning over in his grave.

    Wait, actually the brilliant journalist is still alive and he is still uses a typewriter. So he probably doesn't care that the Washington Post finally has an iPad app.

    Never mind that their iPhone app just came out recently. One of the nation's largest daily newspapers, and one of the few that actually still matters in its original form, is finally going digital.

    The Washington Post launched an iPad app that is available for download today in the App Store and it comes with a complimentary full-access subscription.

    Could that have something to do with the ongoing battle between Steve Jobs and newspaper publishers over the control of newspaper e-subscriber information?

    The paper uses its Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Woodward, and its equally talented editor Ben Bradlee to film an amusing introduction to the app.

    After all, if the man who broke one of the biggest newspaper stories in history can get excited about the iPad, who can't?