Cat Woman Pepper Sprays Jack Sparrow | NBC Bay Area

Cat Woman Pepper Sprays Jack Sparrow on Hollywood Blvd.

The show was outside of the theatre Thursday



    Twitter reports told of a passive Spiderman, looking on as a fight between Cat Woman and Jack Sparrow escalated.

    Tourists and Los Angeles natives alike were treated to show starring Cat Woman, a Pirate and an Alien Thursday afternoon.

    But this time the performance was outside of the Kodak Theatre where a fight broke out between the characters that take the stage on Hollywood Boulevard sidewalks.

    Fire officials responded to a reported assault around 5:30 p.m. to learn that a fight between Cat Woman and Jack Sparrow ended in his getting pepper sprayed.

    Another character wearing an alien mask was also involved in the brawl, which ended shortly after it began, LAPD officials said.

    Aerial footage showed a man on the ground surrounded by about half a dozen police.

    No one was taken into custody and none of the parties, including the hotter-than-usual Sparrow, were transported to the hospital, LAPD reported.

    Almost immediately after the incident occurred, the Twitter-sphere was flooded with reports of the incident, many of which noted the quintessentially-L.A. nature of the story.

    “Only on LA News.. ‘LAPD respond to fight on Hollywood Blvd between Cat Woman, a Pirate and an Alien,” @tattedgirl Tweeted.

    Others seemed to question the character brotherhood.

    “Cat woman, a pirate, and an alien just got in a huge fight in hollywood in front of chinese theatre,” according to a Tweet from @kirkfox. “Spiderman and batman just watched.”