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Google Parks the Car, Rolls Out the Tricycles



    Governments across the globe don't like Google's Street View cars? No problem.

    Google will just role out the tricycles. The Mountain View-based tech giant announced on its blog Monday that it was adding pictures taken by camera-equipped tricycles to its controversial Street View service.

    "With the Trike we’re able to take you inside the grounds of historic locations like the Château de Chenonceaux in Civray-de-Touraine, France," Jeremy Pack, a software engineer with Google, wrote on the company's official blog.

    The new service offers users a 360 degree panoramic view of places Google can't get its cars too.
    That is sure to strike a nerve with privacy-seekers everywhere who have complained that Google's service is invasive and at times dangerous.

    Some governments, such as Switzerland, have required that Google blur out peoples' faces that show up on the service.

    While in other countries some people have taken matters into their own hands and chased the Google cars out of town.

    At least detractors can rest easy that Google is keeping up with its mantra of "do no evil" with its latest offering. No kids were used to power the picture-taking tricycles.