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Flash Gaming Comes to iPad



    Apple vs Adobe is Silicon Valley's 100 Years War. Or at least it feels like it, given the coverage it garners.

    As Apple blocks Flash from its app store, gamers and videophiles have been stymied -- unable to lean back with an iPad and burn up a few leisure hours.

    New browser app iSwifter -- offered free-at-first in the app store -- - provides a sort of truce: play Flash games and vids on iPads, just do it through the cloud, according to VentureBeat's inimitable Dean Takahashi.

    (We've heard for years the next online battle will be browsers, and this is further proof.)

    iSwifter, based in Burlingame, processes the Flash data in the cloud and sends it down to WiFi-enabled iPads, with eager users aiming to game or watch .flv files.

    “We let you see on the iPad exactly what you see on a PC that is running flash,” Rajat Gupta, founder of iSwifter, told VentureBeat.

    Gupta said iSwifter will soon be available on Windows Phone 7, Samsung's Bada gadgets and the WebOS.

    And an equity expert at Think Equity said, "This is like a new distribution platform."