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Nun Booted from Convent Over Facebook



    A nun in a Spanish monastery has been asked to leave her order because of her social networking proclivities, according to The Palo Alto-based Facebook seems to be in everyone's grill these days, from Catholic Spain to the Muslim Middle East.

    Sister Maria Jesus Galan had about 600 friends ad the time of her eviction. Her new FB fan page has almost 7,000 supporters from all over the world, many asking her to be readmitted  to Santo Domingo el Real in Toledo, Spain.

    The (London) Telegraph says her fellow nuns disapproved of her "social media savvy" and teased her about it.

    (In fairness, the new-fangled computer box only got behind the cloistered walls a decade ago, so they're still familiarizing with it.)

    She told the Telegraph she plans to expound on her new-found freedom: "I would like to visit London and New York. Such things were impossible to even dream about when at the convent."

    Which kind of begs the question, why did the 54-year-old choose a life as a bride of Christ in the first place?