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Anderson Valley Alsace Varietals Festival



    ALSACE ADORATION: We'll wager that oenophiles, for the most part, tend to have big palates and wide-ranging tastes. No one ever sticks with pinot noir forever, even if they claim to. But fans of the Alsace Varietals are a pretty loyal bunch. And that loyal bunch, and their friends, and the people they've been talking up the style of wine to, will be gathering in Boonville on Saturday, Feb. 12 and Sunday, Feb. 13 to discuss all things AV.

    AV IN THE AV: Anderson Valley happens to be the HQ for all things Alsace Varietal in California, and bet there will be many experts from the local vineyards on hand to talk with sippers. Breggo Cellars, Esterlina, and Thomas Fogarty Winery are just three among many names. Get the full weekend rundown, and details on the Grand Tasting tickets.