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Migration Festival at Natural Bridges



    MIGRATORY MARVELS: While many a festival will spotlight particular fowl or a friend in the ocean, few take time to consider a journey the beasties take, year in and year out. Enter the Migration Festival, which is headed for Natural Bridges State Beach near Santa Cruz. The Saturday, Feb. 12 event will have speakers talking about patterns and habitats and such.

    ANIMAL SPOTLIGHTS: While Monarch Butterflies and Gray Whales, two of the most famous migratory stars of the area, will get a lot of air time, the organizers promise the California Newt will get some love. The newt's trek each year adds up to less than a mile, lest you think migration and think that translates into thousands of kilometers over a quarter of the planet. We're learning already.

    PLUS: Natural Bridges State Beach. Camera time. More than camera time, quiet contemplation time.