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How to Tip NBC Bay Area

Tell us the untold stories that other locals should know



    How to Tip NBC Bay Area

    Time was that journalists told you what the news was.

    How old media!

    We've been turning it around -- and turning to you for story ideas.

    On Friday, February 26, we opened up the phone lines, Facebook, Twitter,  and our email inboxes to you. Reporters answered the phones and hearing directly from you the stories about the Bay Area that we should be following. We got hundreds of leads for stories and have already started digging.

    But this is not a one-time event. We're leaving the avenues of communication wide open. We want to hear from you as we report on air, on the web, and everywhere else, with your feedback shaping our stories.

    It's taking journalism full circle, with the audience involved at every step.

    Here's how to contact us.

    By email: We always welcome your tips at

    On Facebook: Post on our wall or join a discussion.

    On Twitter: Tweet at us @nbcbayarea.

    Telephone: 408-432-6221