Coast Guard Rescues 26 From Sinking Yacht off Peninsula

52-foot yacht hit rocks and began taking on water

U.S. Coast Guard officials and an owner of a vessel that was grounded Sunday after it hit some rocks and started taking on water near a  recreation area in San Mateo are working on a plan to salvage it.

The Coast Guard responded early Sunday morning to the cabin cruiser carrying 26 people that was taking on water off of Coyote Point County Recreation Area in San Mateo.

A Coast Guard patrol boat and helicopter responded with units from  San Mateo and Foster City fire departments at about 3:45 a.m. to rescue the 26 people aboard the 52-foot vessel.

Coast Guard personnel on a helicopter deployed a small life raft and a rescue swimmer near the vessel and rescued everyone on board.

The Coast Guard sent additional personnel to the site Sunday morning to search for evidence of pollution.

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