Buy Local Artisan Goods Online at the Marin Store

Plus, a unique ruffled jacket and inspiring beads

A DREAM COME TRUE: Tired of running around the city like a mad man trying to collect all your favorite local faire? Welcome to The Marin Store - a new online boutique and catalog that showcases the artisans of  Northern California. They've got everything from home and beauty to food and fashion. You're welcome. [Daily Candy]

THE APPLE OF YOUR EYE: Every Bay Area resident longs for a collection of beautifully casual cool pieces, the kind that can be found at Apple Blossom boutique. Try this Front Ruffle Jacket on for size, cool in gray with creative details and even a surprising print on the back.

BEAD IT, BEAD IT: Many of us lost the motivation to make our own necklaces once candy loops and plastic lanyards went out of style. But now that we've seen these gorgeous blue Handmade Cloisonne Beads, pictured above, it may be time to resume the craft.


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