Eater Map: The Great Chez Panisse Family Tree

[Photo: Flickr/Eat at the Table]


A solid argument can probably be made that no restaurant in all of America has been quite as influential as Chez Panisse, but especially here in the Bay Area these days, the direct influences of Lady Waters' humble Shattuck Avenue eatery are seemingly evident on pretty much every street corner. But just how palpable is the Chez Panisse Effect? Well, we've taken the liberty of putting together a map of the local restaurants opened by—or in some cases, run by—Chez Panisse veterans. Consider it a bit of a family tree, from Paul Bertolli's Oliveto move in the early 90s to Russell Moore's Camino opening this summer. Of course, this initial draft of the map is just a start, so do leave your additions in the comments and we'll update the map accordingly.

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