Immigration Issue No Slam Dunk

Government up and down the state of California is lining up to send those sun-drenched folks in Arizona a message.    We don’t like your immigration bill (aka SB1070). And we’re going to hit you where you’re certain to feel it: your cash.

The San Diego Unified School District is voting today on whether to issue a warning to parents and students about traveling to Arizona. I suppose the SDUSD warning is really a way to get students, their families and their teachers to keep their tourist dollars away from Arizona.   While mostly ceremonial in nature, it is interesting this is coming from conservative San Diego.
Then there is the LA City Council, which will take up the Arizona boycott Wednesday morning, also aimed at keeping travel money away from our neighboring state.   
And while some politicians are using the SB 1070 to grandstand on immigration, I wonder if they would like all L.A. residents to avoid Arizona at all costs.
One group of travelers that comes to mind is a bunch of tall, athletic, and by all estimations successful professional basketball players.   
By virtue of their sweep of the Utah Jazz, the Los Angeles Lakers will travel to Phoenix to take on the Suns in the NBA playoffs. So what’s the message here?   The Lakers will play the Suns next week, generating who knows how much cash in ticket sales, parking, concessions, and souvenirs. Even if Laker fans stay at home and watch the game on TV, there is no denying the game will generate a fair amount of money.
So, let’s boycott Arizona, let’s break contracts with businesses there, let’s forget that weekend at the Grand Canyon, all in the name of immigration.   But let’s not let politics get in the way of the NBA.
Maybe a good idea would be to debate the boycott until the Lakers-Suns series is over.   Now if we could only ignore that upcoming Dodger series with the Arizona Diamondbacks.
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