Interior Designing for the Poor

San Francisco: home to a gigantic and exclusive Design Center and over the top showcase houses. But really, what makes a house a home?

And more importantly: what about the rest of us? The poors?

How are we suppose to decorate with places like Limn selling dining chairs for an average price of $1200? Partners Rod Hipskind and David Williams found a fixer upper in Bayview and fell in love with the potential of it.

"It definitely needs some TLC," Hipskind, "but I think that's why I love it. It was mainly intact, with the original intent of the house still there." Their advice: become obsessed with flea market finds, ebay and the local thrift shops.

Oh, and get a job at DWR so you can abuse the discount. In the article, the couple list resources for finding inexpensive items for your home around the bay area. Definitely worth the read if you're on a budget and not quite sure where to start.

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