Why Won't Jerry and Meg Debate in Southern California?

Meg Whitman's campaign has spent part of the summer hammering Jerry Brown for refusing to be part of a debate in Fresno. Who cares? The two gubernatorial contenders are ignoring a much larger and important part of the state:

Southern California.

The two campaigns have agreed to two debates -- one in the Sacramento area (on Sept. 28) and one in the Bay Area (on Oct. 12). then there's the Fresno debate. Brown, to his credit, accepted invitations for 10 debates (at least two of which would have taken place in Southern California). Whitman has accepted invitations to only three. The candidates also have agreed to debate on a San Francisco radio station.

Northern Californians should be well informed about the race, since it's two of their own -- Brown from Oakland, Whitman from the Silicon Valley -- running.

Perhaps someone will fill in the 24 million or so of us (a mere two-thirds or so of the state population) who live between the Tehachapis and the border. For the meantime, we'll make do with television ads.

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