Just for Men Gel Comes Calling for Obama

President's hairline noticeably goes grey

If there was any doubt that being leader of the free world was a stressful job, just look at the hair of President Barack Obama.

After just 44 days on the job, the 47-year-old president from Hawaii, is already seeing his mane turn gray.

The Washington Post put together an interesting slide show documenting the new president's graying hairline from the day he declared his run for president on the steps of the Springfield, Ill. capitol more than 750 days ago to the presidential debates and his first month on the job.

The newspaper of record in Obama's new hometown offers this explanation of why men's hair turns grey.

Theories abound as to why human hair turns gray, and a team of European scientists advanced the latest one last week: Going gray, they say, is caused by wear and tear of hair follicles, which creates a massive build-up of hydrogen peroxide that blocks the normal synthesis of melanin, which is the natural pigment of human hair, which bleaches the pigment from within, which turns hair gray. Phew. That's a mouthful.

Mr. Obama's aides say he is not worried about the new look. May we suggest "Just for Men Gel?" It worked for Wade Boggs and it only takes five minutes.

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