LED Bike Tires That Look “Pimp”

[DVICE] CygloTronlighttiresthumb550x44044505.jpg

Any driver knows how tough it can be to spot bikes on a dark street at night, especially if they aren't using any kind of lighting. Sure you could add those little flashing LED lights to your ride, but these special tires with their embedded LED lighting would be even harder to miss.

The Cyglo Tyre was invented by James Tristram (note the British spelling of 'tire') as a safety feature, with a ring of LEDs embedded in the tread or side wall lighting up the tire as it spins. A motion powered generator built inside the tire delivers the juice needed to keep the LEDs lit, so they actually work any time the bike is moving. Other options include constant or flashing LED modes, and several different color choices.

Safety is a wonderful thing, but I think most kids will want these so they can have the most pimped out bike on the block.

Cyglo appears to be currently looking for a manufacturer.

Cyglo Tyres, via Wired Gadget Lab

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