Former Barleycorn Now for Lease

Nob Hill: Last we checked in at Luisa Hanson's controversial colonies on the corner of California and Larkin, both projects were making another push to open. That was about four months ago; now, it looks like they are certified stillbirths.

Ms. Hanson has erected FOR LEASE signs at both Duffy's (which evicted the beloved John Barleycorn) and at 1500 Pizza & Pasta next door (which evicted another old-timer in the Front Room). We hate to bring this up, especially since we have suspended the Deathwatch, but we did predict this fate for 1500, neé Pompei.

Though it might be a silver lining for some, probably most depressing of all is the thought that, after all the citywide hubbub to save the Barleycorn institution from morphing into Duffy's, Duffy's won't even happen.

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