San Francisco Laughs at Oakland's Expense

415 vs 510 battle continues to play out in new video

Oakland has long been in the shadow of San Francisco. But now a group from the City wants to remind you, in case you forgot, how much better the keeper of Tony Bennett's heart is than the "crown jewel of the East Bay."

Oakland Tourism Video

It takes Killing My Lobster, a San Francisco-based comedy group and production company, only three minutes and 45 seconds to rip Oakland for having the slowest jaywalkers, allowing hipsters more annoying than the cool kids in the Mission to live there and the Zachary's Pizza groupies.

"A fabulous vacation wonderland awaits you on the other side of the Bay Bridge," the narrator says in the video.

The video is presented on behalf of the fictional Oakland Board of Tourism, which invites to bored San Franciscans to cross the Bay Bridge to a new world of fun. Does the video go too far or is all fair in the ongoing 415 versus 510 turf battle?

You decide.

Thanks to SFist and Laughing Squid for tipping us off to the video.

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