Peninsula Mom's Killer Stalked Her for Weeks

Mother saved two children before being killed

A man who forced his way into a San Mateo woman's home last week before both were killed had been stalking her for weeks after meeting her at a Halloween party.

The husband of 24-year-old Loan Kim Nguyen contacted police shortly after 9:30 a.m. on Nov 25 to report that she had sent him a text message saying she was being robbed at gunpoint while at home with her 1-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter.

Both Nguyen and Raymond Gee were found dead in the home shortly after.

Police Chief Susan Manheimer said that as officers arrived at the home in response to the husband's 911 call they saw the armed suspect beating Nguyen through a front window.

They attempted to enter but Gee fired a shot from a handgun prompting police to retreat. A SWAT team was called in and hostage negotiators attempted to contact Gee. He refused to negotiate, Manheimer said.

At that time, the woman had barricaded herself and her two children in a back bedroom. She was in contact with officers and told them she wanted to lower the children out the window.

Police said on Thursday that Gee met Nguyen at a Halloween party in San Francisco. She lost her purse and he offered to call her cell phone with his, to see if they could find it, police said. He then offered to drive her home to San Mateo, police said.

Nguyen agreed and that's when the drama began to unfold, police said. Gee began stalking Nguyen after the Halloween encounter, demanding she meet him for lunch, police said. She never replied, according to police and on Nov. 25 the gunfire erupted.

Police believe Gee entered Nguyen's home and handcuffed her after her husband left for work.

Nguyen somehow got away, locked herself with her kids in an upstairs bedroom before hoisting her kids to awaiting officers outside a second floor window.

Police said that is when Gee fired seven rounds at the victim through the wall before killing himself.

Gee entered the home with pepper spray, a knife, handcuffs and prescription muscle relaxers, according to police.
Gee was found dead inside the back bedroom of a house on Hobart Avenue after a violent chain of events unfolded there Tuesday morning.

Neighbors told police that they had seen Gee's car around the neighborhood before. Gee apparently waited for Ngyuen's husband to leave for work before entering the home, police said.

Reports from the county coroner revealed Nguyen was killed by a bullet fired by Gee.

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