Thanksgiving Ideas for Procrastinators

It's the day before Thanksgiving and procrastinators in our food-obsessed city won't have to face any consequences. A cornucopia of prepared items awaits you through tomorrow and a lot of these store-bought dishes are better than your mother's. Just saying.

Until 5 P.M. tonight you can pick up soups, sides, salumis, prepared roasts, and other meaty things at Fatted Calf. (320 Fell Street at Gough)

If you're responsible for dessert, don't preheat the oven. Choose from Bouchon Bakery's standard selection of precious treats and throw in some pilgrim hat cupcakes and turkey-shaped shortbread for flair. (6528 Washington Street, Yountville)

Celebrate a day early and grab a 4505 Meats' open-faced turducken sandwiches before 2 P.M. today. Party-sized bags of chicharrones will be for sale and are good in a pinch if you're going to a potluck tomorrow. (Hayes Valley Proxy, Octavia Street at Linden)

Japanese people may or may not eat ramen on Thanksgiving, but you certainly can. Hapa Ramen will be selling roast pork, fried chicken, and veggie ramen kits until 5 P.M. today. (550 Alabama Street at 18th, buzz 11)

Mission Pie has closed the doors for pre-orders, but they made extra because they knew you'd be desperate. Hurry in before 7 P.M. or call first (415-282-4PIE) to see if there's anything left. (2901 Mission Street at 25th)

When all else fails, Whole Foods is a beacon of retail chain reliability. Raid their hot bar like never before, stocked with the usual suspects and a smattering of traditional Thanksgiving favorites. (multiple locations through SF and the Bay Area) [The Feast]

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