The Influencer Effect: Ethos

Interview with Peter Colis & Lingke Wang, Co-founders of Ethos

Peter Colis and Lingke Wang started Ethos while at Stanford in 2016.  The idea was sparked from Lingke’s personal experience being sold permanent life insurance as a 20-year-old post-grad. After that experience and a lot of research, Lingke and Peter discovered how misaligned the incentives of the traditional model actually are. Learn how Peter and Lingke plan on disrupting the life insurance industry.

Hear all of their answers to these questions in the video player above:

Q1. Why did you decide to start ethos and what makes it different?

Q2. Who was one of your first investors?

Q3. What makes your business partnership successful?

Q4. Who are your biggest influencers?

Q5. What are important daily habits for success?

Q6. Where do you see ethos in 5 years?

Q7. How did you come up with the name ethos?

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