Gov. Newsom Says Thousands Are Undergoing Coronavirus Testing

There are a total of 157 of coronavirus confirmed in the state.

NBC Bay Area

California Governor Gavin Newsom said Tuesday that over 7,000 people are currently undergoing tests to determine whether or not they are infected with coronavirus.

During a press conference, Newsom said the tests were sent for processing to 18 laboratories around the state and they are still waiting for the results.

Newsom said the state has the support of 18 labs and two hospitals with the necessary tools to carry out corresponding coronavirus tests.

He added that several of those tests have been sent to Quest Diagnostic laboratories in San Juan Capistrano. Its expected that by March 24, other laboratories with the same company will start testing the virus as well.

The governor urged Californians to continue carrying out the corresponding sanitary measures to avoid any type of contagion.

A total of 157 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in California.

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