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49ers Invite Offensive Tackle for a Visit



    49ers Invite Offensive Tackle for a Visit
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    SANTA CLARA, CA - AUGUST 02: Anthony Davis #76 works out during the San Francisco 49ers training camp at their training complex on August 2, 2010 in Santa Clara, California. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

    Pre-draft visits may be nothing more than a smoke screen for most teams but 49ers' fans looking for any glimmer of hope that the team is looking to improve its offensive line will be happy to hear about the last person to visit 4949 Centennial Blvd.

    Last year the 49ers drafted two massive offensive lineman in the first round with offensive tackle Anthony Davis and guard Mike Iupati.

    By most standards, Iupati had a successful rookie campaign but Davis struggled and became a target of fan ridicule.

    Monday the 49ers showed that they may not be resting on their laurels. The team is hosting South Carolina State offensive tackle Johnny Culbreath, according to the National Football Post.

    The 6-foot-5, 323-pound Culbreath is probably not someone who will threaten Davis' starting job, if he was to land with the 49ers.

    Culbreath is projected by many to be a post-draft free agent. Those who have him getting drafted, see the South Carolina project going in the late rounds.

    Still Culbreath has drawn some attention. He has already worked out for the Cincinatti Bengals and had private workouts with Detroit Lions and an upcoming visit with the Washington Redskins.