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Bay Lights Dazzle Along Embarcadero

Display is sure to be a new tourist attraction for people across the Bay Area and around the world in the coming months



    It is sure to be the next big tourist attraction in the Bay Area and it won't cost you a nickel. Here is the test phase of the Bay Lights project, which is a light art display on the Bay Bridge. (Published Saturday, Jan. 26, 2013)

    If you've walked along the Embarcadero this week in the night or early morning hours, you probably noticed a new and dazzling light display on the Bay Bridge.

    The $8 million "sculpture" is the work of artist Leo Villareal called "The Bay Lights."

    It's official debut is in March, but testing began earlier this month. Each night more and more lights appear in new and different designs as the artist tests his creation. The testing continued into the pre-dawn hours Saturday as you can see in the raw video at the top of this article.

    People along the waterfront are giving the display rave reviews. 

    Turning the Bay Bridge Into a Magical Light Display

    [BAY] Turning the Bay Bridge Into a Magical Light Display
    In early March, the Bay Bridge will turn into the world's largest light display. Crews are currently in the midst of hanging those lights and NBC Bay Area's Joe Rosato Jr. got to tag along.
    (Published Saturday, Jan. 5, 2013)

    Come March 5, 25,000 LED lights, which have been strung along the bridge's western span, will turn on and stay on for about seven hours each night.

    Villareal says he is using computer software to manipulate the swath of lights as a high tech piece of fine art. “The movement of water, the traffic, any kind of movement is what I’m taking inspiration from,” Villareal said.

    The display will not be visable to drivers on the Bay Bridge.

    Below is the animation of the project that was made before even was light was placed on the bridge.  People who have seen the real thing for themselves say it's even better in reality. 
    Organizers are still raising $2.3 million in funds to finish the  project. People wishing to donate or find out more about "The Bay Lights" can  visit