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CES: 3D Printing, Virtual Reality Highlight Tech Show

Vegas gets geeky



    CES: 3D Printing, Virtual Reality Highlight Tech Show

    NBC Bay Area's Scott Budman shows some of the highlights from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. (Published Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2014)

    Yes, there are still monster TV sets here, with some that actually bend, and one that witnessed a very bizarre moment with the director Michael Bay.

    But, unlike the last couple of CES events, the TVs aren't dominating the show. CES is living up to its reputation this year, featuring technology that is truly futuristic, and that's generating lots of lust among techies here in Las Vegas.

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    First off, virtual reality. A staple of "futuristic" tech, now coming to your livingroom. We visited a company called Virtuix, which makes a gaming system that takes you - virtually - to another world, strapped into a turning, wheeling base, complete with grooves so your custom shoes can move around. It's loud, very realistic, and will have you working up a sweat. Look for it to move beyond gaming, into physical fitness and military operations.

    Another big theme this year at CES is 3D printing. No longer a "someday" theme at the show, this rapidly growing area gets its own pavilion in 2014, and it's cool. Companies like MakerBot, announcing big printers to move from business into personal use. NASA wants them to build rocket parts; you'll want one just because it's cutting edge.

    CES officially starts today. We'll get updates from CEOs like Yahoo's Marissa Meyer, and lots of product announcements. We'll also print something in 3D. Because now, we all can.

    Scott is at CES, and on Twitter: @scottbudman