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Cabbie Stabber May Have Been Caught on Camera



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    Signs warn passengers that they're on camera in San Francisco cabs.

    Cameras are everywhere these days and that includes most San Francisco cabs.

    This could be huge for the cab driver who was robbed and stabbed Monday evening in the Castro.

    It wasn't all that late -- just 7:15 p.m. People in the area said that they saw a cabbie and possibly a customer fighting. The cab rolled backwards into a car. Next thing they knew, the cabbie got out and was bleeding. He was stabbed and apparently robbed.

    Neighbors helped him as the attacker ran off. The driver was fighting for his life and was taken to San Francisco General.

    A dispatcher on Tuesday said the cabbie will likely survive. That's the good news. But the good news could be great news, if the cab is camera-ready.  That could mean that the perp was caught on tape.

    One cab driver who became a robbery victim several months ago was caught on camera. The picture is so good that it was almost like a school photo.

    It's unclear whether the cab in the Castro had working cameras rolling, but if si, that could be the break that's needed to catch this guy.