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Halloween Bikers Spot Ghost of Stow Lake



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    This ghostly white frock by John Galliano is a Halloween classic--and you don't even have to cut out the eye holes!

    There's something spooky around Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park.

    A group of bicyclists pedaling from the panhandle to Ocean Beach spotted a ghostly woman in white near the pagoda on Halloween. After a few minutes of wailing, the mysterious presence vanished.

    The ghost stories date back about a hundred years, when it was reported that a woman and her baby fell overboard in the artificial lake. Since then, visitors have reported seeing a woman in a disheveled white dress, looking frantically for her child.

    Another version of the story has it that the woman was distracted for a moment and her stroller vanished. She searched the whole park for it before descending into the lake, never to be seen again.

    It's rumored that the ghost will appear if you call out "white lady, white lady, I have your baby" three times.

    This weekend's sighting only lasted a few minutes, but it was enough to spook plenty of tourists and small children. The bicyclists, for their part, pulled themselves together and made it to Ocean Beach unscathed. But they took a different route back home.