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Jerry Brown Calls San Francisco "Effete"

Tells audience that in Oakland, "You get what you pay for"



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    Former Governor Moonbeam is old enough to not really care what comes out of his mouth anymore, if he ever did in the first place.

    Attorney General Jerry Brown crossed San Francisco Bay to tell the Geary Boulevard Merchants Association that San Franciscans are "the elite, the effete."

    Thanks for the compliment!

    Brown is on tour kind of campaigning for governor, having amassed millions in campaign cash but yet officially announced.

    Brown also took the opportunity to take a shot at San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, arguing that in his experience as both governor and mayor, "When you're a mayor, you spend most of the time raising money, talking to the press and doing photo ops."

    Granted, Newsom saves time by rarely talking to the press, but was quick to comment on Brown's statements.

    "“It may be a confessional,” Newsom told the San Francisco Examiner. “Maybe he thought he did nothing as mayor, I don’t know.”

    Hopefully he'll be saying even more regrettable things at today's announcement of a probe into credit ratings agency.

    Ratings agencies helped the sub-prime mortgage crisis along by improperly giving questionable loan-backed securities high marks.

    Certainly an investigation might get them to give the state of California a better rating, allowing us to continue borrowing against our sunny future!

    So it's a mystery as to why Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger just dropped an ACORN investigation into Brown's lap.

    ACORN is a hot-button issue among conservatives, since the community activist organization helps poor people.

    Jackson West loves it when politicians say the darndest things.