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Making History In Math

The AP Calculus program at San Jose's Mt. Pleasant High School has a breakout year.



    Making History While Learning Math

    In its entire 45-year history, San Jose's Mt. Pleasant High School had just 11 students pass the Advanced Placement test in calculus. Then, in just a single year, 17 passed. What happened? The better question is "Who happened?" (Published Thursday, July 17, 2014)

    Sudhir Karandikar is not a man to jump into things hastily. He had taught math at San Jose's Mt. Pleasant High School for more than a decade before he even considered tackling the Adavanced Placement Calculus course. Even then, he spent years preparing himself before he would agree to step in front of that class.

    He wanted to make sure he was ready, because he knew his students would be. In spite of the fact Mt. Pleasant didn't have  the best reputation (or highest test scores), Karandikar knew there were some smart students just waiting for the chance to prove what they could do. In 2011, he was finally ready to give them that chance.

    Watch what happened next in Garvin Thomas' Bay Area Proud report above.

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