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Microsoft Buys Yammer for $1.2 Billion

Yammer has been described by some as "Facebook for business."



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    Here's Microsoft's new tablet, on which users can share information via Microsoft's newly-purchased social network.

    Microsoft isn't clicking "like" on social media for the business world -- it's clicking "buy."

    The technology giant paid $1.2 billion to acquire startup site Yammer on Monday, according to the Associated Press. Yammer has been described by some as "Facebook for business": in the same way users of Facebook keep tabs on their friends, Yammer users keep tabs on their colleagues at work, their projects and their goals, the news service reported.

    Word of the buyout first leaked two weeks ago.

    Microsoft's acquisition is a signal that the world's biggest software maker is well-aware that the Internet world is demanding more connectivity: the move follows Microsoft's purchase last year of Internet telephone service Skype, for which it paid $8.5 billion.

    Yammer's 5 million users enjoy "private social networks" within companies or sectors of industries, like technology, the news service reported.

    Microsoft appears most interested in the site's existing sharing tools, the news service reported.

    "Think of Yammer as a fundamental part of our Office family," Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said on a Monday conference call.