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Retweet, Sexting Added to the Dictionary



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    The visual explanation of a retweet, which is now part of the dictionary. Photo: Rosaruo Ochoa on Flickr

    In their never-ending quest to be modern, the folks behind the Concise Oxford English Dictionary have managed to make themselves look old again.

    One of the standard bearers of the English language has completed the annual ritual of adding new modern words to the dictionary.

    This year's list includes such winners as "retweet" because "like" is already in there and "+1" is still to new to the block.

    Other words to make the cut were "cyberbulling" -- thank you Facebook -- and "sexting" -- which may become less of problem this weekend when AT&T hits delete on most of its text messaging plans.

    The new words are chosen based "on cultural ubiquity, which they gauge using a database of more than two billion words culled from contemporary sites," according to Engadget.