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San Bruno Explosion Hearings Go Public



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    After calls from politicians and reform groups, the California Public Utilities Commission will launch a public hearing, looking into the deadly gas pipeline explosion in San Bruno.

    According to the Mercury News and the San Mateo County Times, the move follows criticism from San Francisco City Attorney Dennis Herera, state Sen. Mark Leno, the Utility Reform Network and the Consumer Federation of California.

    Commission President Michael Peevey, however, told the Merc, "We were headed this way. It's the logical thing to do," eschewing the thought that the PUC responds to political heat.

    Leno, for his part, did an eyewitness inspection of the defective pipelines while visiting Washington, D.C.

    "You could see [poor workmanship] plainly with your eye. It was patently obvious," he said.

    Thehearings will be set on Feb. 24, when next the PUC meets.

    The Sept. 9 blast killed eight people and damaged 38 homes.