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Tip Jar Thief Finally Nabbed



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    Police arrested the man near Cafe Divis.

    If the person selling you coffee seems to be in a particularly good mood today, it's because their tip jar is just a little bit safer with the apprehension of a serial tip thief.

    For years, 63-year-old Odis Jack Gillard is alleged to have been stealing tips all over the city, according to the Ex. Merchants have grown so accustomed to him that they know him on sights, and simply hide the tip jar when he's nearby.

    But this Sunday, his crimes caught up with him. After snatching a jar at Cafe Divis, a customer and clerk chased the man down the street and called police. It was the fifth time he'd struck there, and employees had simply had enough.

    Police arrested the man when they arrived. There was little doubt that they had the right suspect: Gillard was still carrying the fistful of dollar bills he'd pinched.

    The Cafe is near Haight Street, where police have been busy with enforcement of the new Sit/Lie law. But a little more sitting and lying would have kept this particular evildoer out of trouble.

    It's unclear what will happen to the elderly thief, whether he has any other means of support, or how soon he'll be back out on the street and up to his old tricks.