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Vigils, Gatherings Mark Pre-Prop 8 Debate at Supreme Court

Evenings of activism mark Supreme Court appearance of Prop 8.



    Vigils, Gatherings Mark Pre-Prop 8 Debate at Supreme Court
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    Some legal experts had predict the court would decline to take the Prop 8 appeal at all.

    The legal action is tomorrow at the United States Supreme Court. But the activism continues apace.

    Tomorrow, the highest court in the land will at last take up the case of California's same-sex marriage ban, Proposition 8. The court will also listen to arguments on the validity under the U.S. Constitution of the Defense of Marriage Act (aka DOMA), according to reports.

    Either way, it's history in the making -- and tonight, there will be a march and vigil to commemorate the occasion, the San Francisco Appeal online newspaper reported.

    Organized by activists and Twitterati like Cleve Jones and Patrick Connors, the vigil in San Francisco's Castro will begin at 6:30 p.m. Speeches from politicians and gay couples unsuccessfully seeking marriage licenses are on tap, the newspaper reported. The location is at Castro and Market streets.

    There will be additional vigils -- attendees are asked to wear red -- on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. in front of the California Supreme Court building in Civic Center, the newspaper reported.

    Federal judges ruled Prop. 8, whch was approved by voters in 2008, unconstitutional, but its supporters have appealed the ruling. The Supreme Court will make the final judgment, but the court could choose to rule narrowly, rather than ruling on same-sex marriage as a whole -- for or against.