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What a Bet!

One South Bay man envisioned a World Championship



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    A $50 bet on the Giants turned into a $1,000 pay out.

    He's not one to bet on a World Series, but on a trip to Las Vegas in February, Michael Gonzalez said, let's do it.

    "I was watching sports in their Sportsbook," said Gonzalez of San Jose about his stay at Mandalay Bay.

    "I thought, why not? It was more exciting than losing it on a blackjack hand."

    Gonzalez put down $25, betting the Giants would win the National League pennant.

    Then he dropped $50, betting they'd win the World Series.

    The first bet, at 8-to-1 odds earned him $200. Odds on the Giants winning the World Series at the time were 20-to-one. That pays Gonzalez $1,000.  Not a bad pay out for  a $50 investment.

    "(I'm) relieved they finally won," said Gonzalez. "Amazing how only $75 had me glued to the TV watching every single game this year. My wife is happy it is over."

    And what does Gonzalez plan to do with his winnings?  "Take a trip back to Vegas and bet on the Giants to repeat," said Gonzalez.

    Michael Gonzalez is a 40 year old, loyal, life long Giants fan who invested years of joy and heartache on his team. This week, the Giants finally paid him back.