San Francisco

Divers Scour Pier 14 for Evidence After Kate Steinle's Fatal Shooting, Find Dead Cat Floating in Bag

While divers were scouring the waters off Pier 14 for the murder weapon used to kill Kate Steinle of Pleasanton earlier this month, they made another grisly discovery: A dead cat in a bag held down with a 10-pound weight.

Deb Campbell, the outreach coordinator at San Francisco Animal Care & Control said Adrian E. Dumont of San Francisco was arraigned on felony animal cruelty charges on Tuesday, and was released on a $15,000 bond. Efforts to find Dumont were unsuccessful.

As Campbell described it, when divers were searching for evidence in Steinle’s July 1 shooting death along the pier, they found a floating bag with the dead 2-year-old tabby in it. The cat, named Kazuma, was tied to a 10-pound weight.

A microchip on the cat led animal control officers to Kazuma’s owner – Dumont.

Campbell did not specify exactly what evidence led them to believe that he had killed his pet.

Authorities did find the gun they say was used to kill Steinle - a .40-caliber gun stolen in June from a Bureau of Land Management agent. Francisco Sanchez said he found the gun under a bench, and has pleaded not guilty to Steinle's murder.

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