Apparent White Raccoon Spotted Near Oakland's Lake Merritt

It's certainly not a sight Bay Area residents come across everyday.

A Reddit user on Sunday managed to snap a photo of what appeared to be a white raccoon hanging out in a tree near Lake Merritt in Oakland before posting the snapshot on the online platform, much to the intrigue of other users.

The Redditor said they spotted the apparent raccoon in a tree in front of the Oakland Lawn Bowling Club.

"I see raccoons regularly in that area of the park in the mornings but this was my first time seeing this kind of raccoon," the Reddit user wrote in a message to NBC Bay Area.

While one Redditor noted that the raccoon was albino, another user pointed out that the animal was leucistic. Albinism is a condition in which a human or animal is white in color and has pale, pink or reddish eyes. Leucism is different in that it does not impact eye color.

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