Bay Area Gears Up for COVID-Safe Halloween Celebrations

Health leaders say people should feel safer this year, but should still be careful

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There are nine days left until Halloween and lots of families across the Bay Area are gearing up for celebrations they couldn't have last year because of the pandemic.

This year, health leaders hope people stay vigilant as this is the first big test of the holiday season.

At the Spirit Halloween store in Concord, Rider Robinson and his sister Amaya were excited they got their costumes. They'll be able to go trick or treating this year.

They will both be wearing their cloth masks under their costume masks - just to be safe.

Same goes for Otis Davis and his whole family. 

"It's better this year because you know, not too much of a risk with the pandemic at its highest last year, so we feel a little more confident,” said the Concord resident. 

But he’s cautiously confident and planning to limit how many people his family will come into contact with for Halloween, and even through Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Last year, Governor Gavin Newsom and state health officials said Halloween gatherings were likely the cause of a surge of infections in the state. Now, health leaders say people should feel safer, but should still be careful.

"With vaccinations we can now go into some of those gatherings that we cherished having every year,” said Marin County Spokesperson Laine Hendricks. “But with that we still want to caution that not everyone is vaccinated.”

The county adds there are plenty of vaccines available for anyone who wants them and people are encouraged to get their booster before the holidays.

And with so many people looking to return to a little bit of normal this year, be aware -- some key Halloween items are selling out.

"More candy is gone in the store. I went to Target the other day and there is like barely anything left,” said Concord resident Krystal Nguyen. 

One of the biggest costume retailers is also warning customers that online orders may be delayed because of so much demand.

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