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Bay Area Residents March to Seek End of Gun Violence at SF's Golden Gate Bridge

People marched across the Golden Gate Bridge, many with the group, Moms Demand Action and some people came with their family.

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People across the country marked Gun Violence Awareness Day this weekend, as the push for change intensifies after several recent mass shootings.

Hundreds gathered by the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco Saturday, wearing orange and talking about ending gun violence.

“To me, it’s important to come to these events. So, they can see the sheer number of people, that have this as a priority on their list,” said San Francisco resident Kim Sarquis.

The march is an annual event organized by the group Moms Demand Action but this year, the message may resonate more after the tragic shootings in Buffalo, New York, Laguna Woods, California, Uvalde, Texas and Tulsa, Oklahoma.

People marched across the bridge, many with the Moms Demand Action group and while some people came with their family.

Stephanie Lamonica came from Novato and like many, she wants to see change.

“Everyday when I drop my daughter off in school, every single day, I have anxiety. I have anxiety that my kid is going to be harmed," she said. "We need to ban assault weapons. We need red flags laws. We need background checks. The majority of American people want that."

President Joe Biden recently laid out actions that he wants Congress to take in the wake of multiple mass shootings.

Bay Area congresswoman Jackie Speier joined those in the city and said the House is going to pass another package of bills.

“You know, I think there is a difference in the American people. I think the pain and anguish and anxiety is welling up in the American people. The question is, is there a difference in the U.S. Senate? and that’s what got to be tested,” she said.

In the meantime, the debate continues in Washington as opponents said that certain restrictions punish law abiding citizens without improving safety.

But for people who joined Saturday’s march, they said want to make sure their message is clear.

“Because, we don’t want to see this again. This is not OK. And we shouldn’t be experiencing this,” said San Francisco resident Jill Maddux.

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