Pacifica Woman Saves Neighbor's Vacation With Long-Distance Delivery

How far would you go to help a neighbor?

How about Seattle?

That is how far Sasha Chittum of Pacifica decided to go to save the vacation of a neighbor she had never met.

“Because why not to be nice to someone?” said Chittum.

pacifica passport 4

Chittum said she sprung into action after her father showed her a post on the neighborhood social network, NextDoor. In the post, Tiffany Hobbs, also of Pacifica, wrote to her neighbors that her travel plans to Canada were about to crumble.

She had the wrong passport.

“I was going through security at SFO, pulled out that passport and saw my son's shining face peeking out at me from the passport,” said Hobbs. “I immediately was like, 'Oh my God, I have Cooper's passport'.”

Once Hobbs realized she accidentally packed her son’s passport, she said she started exploring every avenue to get her passport back.

pacifica passport 2

It was too late to go back home and retrieve it and the deadline for overnight delivery had passed, so while Hibbs sat on her flight waiting to take off she threw what she called a, "Hail Mary."

Hibbs posted to her neighbors on NextDoor, asking if anyone in Pacifica knew of someone headed toward Seattle and would be willing to pick up her passport.

“I posted it [on NextDoor] and just kind of prayed for the best, maybe something will happen.”

Something did happen.

pacifica passport 6

Chittum said that her parents saw the post and immediately told her that she had to help Hibbs, considering Chittum was flying out to Seattle the next morning.

The pair got in contact once Hibbs landed in Seattle and coordinated how Chittum was going to save the day.

“My flight was around 8:30 the next morning and their nanny brought the passport and we coordinated separately on direct message, it just worked out perfectly,” said Chittum.

The two neighbors started texting each other, excited to meet for the first time, they said, while other neighbors on NextDoor cheered them on.

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“This makes my heart happy!” wrote one neighbor on Hobbs’ original online post.

Chittum finally landed at the Sea-Tac Airport to drop off the passport and exchange selfies with Hobbs before both travelers went off their separate ways to enjoy their vacations.

Thankfully, she said, Hibbs was able to share tea with a friend as planned in Victoria afterall.

“I think it just told me that you can still have faith in people doing the right thing,” she said. “It ended up being such a great story and feeling to have somebody go out of their way to do something nice that they didn't have to.”

As for Chittum, she said she was just happy to be able to help a fellow neighbor.

“We took a picture, sent it all over the NextDoor and she was so lovely and absolutely so appreciated it,” she said. “I'm just so happy it worked out and she went to Canada.”

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