Bomb Squad Detonates Device on Cue

Manteca's bomb squad made a dramatic point Thursday to show the power of explosives found inside a Northern California parolee's home.

They detonated a car with the explosives found inside the man's home as part of their legal case. It destroyed the car in less than a second.

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Investigators said the car's carcass and the videotape of the explosion will be used as evidence in their case.

The parolee who they say was keeping the explosives Stockton home, Scott Williamson, is still on the loose but that didn't stop the case against him from proceeding.

KCRA reported the Delta Regional Auto Theft Task Force said it found two canisters of cast boosters, which are used for commercial purposes, inside Williamson's home.

It took just one of the canisters to blow up the car.

"The windshield's gone, there's twisted metal ... that's serious stuff," San Joaquin County Deputy District Attorney Katherine Mahood told KCRA.

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