Stephen Ellison

Burglary Suspect Runs Right Out of His Shoes in Chase

A teen who literally ran right out of his Nike Air Jordans during a police pursuit was one of three juveniles recently arrested in a string of Union City burglaries, police said.

The three suspects, ranging in age from 15 to 17, were connected to five residential burglaries over the past month in the area of Alvarado and Union City boulevards, according to the Union City Police Department. Patrol officers doing extra checks in the neighborhood spotted a stolen car from a prior burglary, and the teens proceeded to get out of the car and flee on foot. One of the suspect's shoes were left behind.

Officers were able to detain the driver of the stolen car, and the other two teens were taken into custody later. Some of the stolen property from the burglaries also was recovered.

According to police, the teens entered homes late at night while the residents were home and asleep, typically finding an unlocked door or forcing a locked door open. In some instances, they stole cars.

Anyone with additional information about the incidents should contact Detective Wu at the Union City Police Department at 510-675-5220.

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