South Bay

Car Slams Into Pet Clinic in Campbell

A South Bay vet emergency clinic says they try to prepare for the worst but no one ever expected this to happen.

A driver who was bringing in a sick dog for treatment accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake. The car smashed into the front lobby of United Veterinary Emergency Clinic in Campbell.

The clinic's owner said the situation could have been much worse.

"If the car had not been stopped here, she could have gone into the treatment area," said Denise Shirey, adding that a dog was being prepped for surgery when the crash happened.

The accident was reported at about 7:45 p.m. at 905 Dell Ave. Police said the driver was pulling into the parking lot when the crash occurred. There were no injuries reported in the accident.

Video footage shows the car coming to a stop when it hit the examinaiton room wall and reception desk. Shirey and two other women were only a few feet away from the car.

"We had a number of people come in with emergencies directly after the incident, we were all pleased they weren’t arrived any sooner." Shirey said.

Shirey said the woman behind the wheel was driving a friend who was bringing in a sick dog for treatment. in the video, you can see hospital staff take the dog through the front window.

"Some of the staff teased that we now have a drive through emergency service," Shirey said. "Wasn’t anything we were planning on."

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