Costco Limits Meats Sold Per Customer

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As states reopen or prepare to reopen, there’s something else that’s got people on edge -- meat or the lack of it. 

The coronavirus outbreak closed down meat processing plants, sending some people into a panic. 

At Costo, the meat storage bins are bare and signs are visible everywhere, limiting three choices of meat per customer.

“I was able to score, I can’t wait to get it on the BBQ,” said customer Naomi Banda.

She was able to score a tri-tip but some customers are frustrated that their meat-buying is limited.

“I didn’t try to go to Safeway, I’m kind of over Safeway grocery stores,” said Banda. “So I came out to see if I could get a tri-tip or some chicken.”

Chicken is scarce these days, some people may be feeling the need to hoard meat, just like people are still buying toilet paper and paper towels like crazy during this pandemic.

However, the meat situation is different. More than a dozen meat plants nationwide that supply places like Costco are now shut down as the virus spreads among workers. 

The president reassured Americans there will be no interruption to the nation’s food supply.

“I expect to see the supply chain as strong as ever,” said President Donald Trump. 

Owners of the Sonoma Meat Company in Santa Rosa say there’s no need to panic.

“Right now we have an abundance of local ranchers that are having their meat processed,” said Jenine Rinn from Sonoma Meat Company. “We are extraordinarily busy and when we’re busy it means local ranchers are doing really well.”

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