Couple Thanks CHP Helicopter Crew Who Saved Them From Atlas Fire

How do you say thank you to the person who saved your life?

A Napa couple was so sure they were going to be killed by the Atlas Fire they had started calling their children to say goodbye. That's when their lifesaver literally swooped in from the skies above.

On Tuesday, the couple shared their story with NBC Bay Area and thanked the California Highway Patrol officers who pulled them and dozens of others from the flames.

Linda Savoie and Phillip Dahan describe the terrifying situation they found themselves in the night the devastating Atlas Fire broke out. The couple, who split their time between their home in Reno and their place in Napa County, said they actually called their children to say "I love you" and "goodbye" when a miracle happened.

The couple came by the hangar to thank the CHP crew this past weekend.

Pilot Pete Gavitte said it is all still very fresh.

"It's hard to talk about it, relive it without getting choked up," he said.

The Napa Air Operations team did not just rescue the Reno couple -- they saved 46 people in all, including a firefighter who was nearly crushed by a massive boulder.

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