‘Do It for Earl!': E-40, Kings Fan Incident Adds Fuel to Fire for Warriors, Mistah Fab Says

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Do it for 40, do it for Earl!

That's the rallying cry Bay Area rapper Mistah Fab is proposing the Golden State Warriors take on ahead of its Game 2 playoff matchup against the Sacramento Kings. The rapper and business owner spoke to NBC Bay Area on Monday and discussed E-40 being ejected out of the first game of the series in Sacramento.

"I had a lot of empathy for the big fella because I know who he is," Mistah Fab said. "He's never a heckler, doesn't bother anyone."

E-40, a Bay Area rap legend and one of the more popular faces of Dub Nation, was ushered out Saturday during the first playoff game at the Golden 1 Center in Sacramento by security following an incident with a Kings fan. He released a statement the following day saying he was subject to disrespectful heckling. E-40 in his statement went on to say when he addressed the heckler in a polite manner, King security assumed he instigated the matter and kicked him out of the game.

"Unfortunately, it was yet another reminder that - despite my success and accolades as a musician and entrepreneur - racial bias remains prevalent," E-40 said in the statement. "Security saw a disagreement between a Black man and a white woman and immediately assumed that I was at fault."

Bay Area rapper and noted Warriors fan E-40 was ejected from Saturday night's playoff game at Golden 1 Center in Sacramento and, in a statement the next morning, alleged racial bias as the reason behind his removal. Marianne Favro reports.

However, sources tell the Associated Press that E-40 was allegedly blocking the view of fans behind him and was given a warning after several complaints.

Mistah Fab told NBC Bay Area on Monday E-40 is holding up despite the circumstances. He sees the incident as added fuel to the fire for the Warriors to come home with a victory.

The Kings released a statement saying they are investigating the matter and are "taking the claims" seriously.

Mistah Fab says he and E-40 plan on being in attendance for Thursday's Game 3 of the playoff series at Chase Center in San Francisco.

Monday was a rough night for the Warriors as they lost 106-114 to the Sacramento Kings. But fans were also talking about the rough night E-40 had at Saturday’s game in Sacramento. Terry McSweeney reports.
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