Video Shows Thieves Dragging Woman Across Street in Oakland

 It's not clear if the woman was targeted for her race.

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A shocking video out of Oakland has been seen by thousands on social media. An Asian-American woman is seen clinging to her purse – as a thief jumps into a getaway car and drags her along for the ride. 

Video shows the Santa Rosa woman grabbing onto her purse, after a thief jumps into the passenger side of a white getaway car. For at least five seconds – you see her getting dragged across the 900 block of International Boulevard in Oakland, until she lets go.

“That’s a busy street, that’s real busy,” said Pat Madarang of Oakland. “That’s a dangerous street to cross.”

A Beauty Supply security camera captured the scary moments. The woman’s husband said she is OK but still shaken up. 

“That might be a natural reaction to hang onto it. But I would let go if I was her,” said Madarang.

The husband said the couple is originally from Vietnam. A local business owner shared the video on social media to raise awareness about attacks against the Asian-American community.

Wednesday’s robbery is eerily reminiscent  of the 2019 New Year’s Eve deadly strong-armed robbery that happened outside of this Starbucks in Montclair. After thieves stole Shuo Zeng’s laptop, the research scientist dived into the getaway car and hit his head when he was forced out. 

He died on his 34th birthday. 

Oakland Police say they are investigating and if you know who is in the four-door white sedan, OPD wants to hear from you. 

“That’s just too sad. It sends chills down my spine,” said Madarang.

 It's not clear if the woman was targeted for her race.

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